When adopting the best processes for waste reduction in 2014, we’ve already saved 50 million liters per month in four of our units.

Essential natural resource for the Company, water management is a fundamental practice in BRF's operations. In order to reduce dependency on this resource, and to minimize the impact of its removal, we continuously invest in the search for more efficient processes and which reduce the demand for water in our operations.

In our production processes, we conduct measurements and daily management of water consumption, and we prioritize the capturing of surface sources, reducing underground exploration and avoiding the use of public network water. We also invest in projects that enable reusing water, which today reaches 20% of the total consumed (nearly 15,5 billions of liters).

Our Curitiba headquarters, for example, built a cistern that captures rain water for use in the garden, urinals and toilets, which serve nearly 30% of the administrative unit's employees. In Itajaí (SC), the Dive into this Idea program was developed to promote awareness on water use.

Water management initiatives are also in place at the distribution centers, such the DCs in Ribeirão das Neves, MG, Salvador, BA, and Jundiaí, SP, which use rain water for washing trucks.

In the distribution chain, the integrated producers are responsible for water management at their operations, but BRF supports those interested in adopting new technologies for optimizing resources. Suppliers are monitored and evaluated annually through a sustainability checklist that assesses the availability of water the previous year. 

Learn more about Climate Change in our AR.

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