Diversity and Inclusion

BRF values all people capable of contributing towards our becoming one of the biggest food companies in the world.

Diversity is a key word when we speak of the constant expansion of BRF’s activities around the world. Today, we have more than 100 thousand employees who, day after day, ensure that our foods reach more than 110 countries, bringing our strength to the most diverse communities. Therefore, being diverse is something that is part of our day-to-day activities, of our development and of our sustainability. That is why we value every person - without regard to culture, age, color or handicap - capable of contributing towards expanding our company’s capacity to bring quality to more and more homes.

More than a value, BRF encourages diversity at its units through specific programs. In Brazil, we have the Program for the Inclusion of Handicapped Persons - to enable and to develop professionals with handicaps on our staff - and the Program for Hiring Young Apprentices - to encourage the employability and the training of youths for the job market.

See the opportunities.

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