Summer Internship Program at BRF

Learn more about BRF's Summer Internship program for MBA students.

Summer Internship is a program that aims to identify talented people, who are participating in the world's most renowned MBA programs for an 8 to 12 week experience in the company's strategic areas. Our program aims to create an impactful experience for BRF as well as for the professional. At the end of the training period, potential candidates will be considered for full-time positions and be prepared to become global leaders in the company.

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Every year, between the months of October and March, in partnership with major MBA schools in the world, we recruit these talents.

What did I learn in the Summer Internship?

  • Andrea Beer

    Andrea Beer

    August 8th, 2014

    "One of the high points of my project was organizing a workshop attended by all departments within the company to turn BRF’s sustainability initiatives into systematic action plans for each brand. The project was inspiring in and of itself, but some elements made it even more interesting. Firstly, it involved every department in the company, from innovation and marketing to agriculture, operations and logistics. Secondly, all of the company’s leaders showed an interest in discussing our role within society and the world. 

    The opening thoughts were delivered by Abilio Diniz, Chairman of BRF. His message was clear: companies with a purpose are rarely replaced. Their business and culture are perennial because they exert a positive impact on employees, clients, consumers and the communities around them.

    It’s not a question of failing to prioritize profits. On the contrary. Many studies show a clear relationship between social and environmental responsibility and profits. BRF is already part of this select group of companies, having been considered by Corporate Knights to be one of the 100 most sustainable companies in the world. Our next step is to bring these initiatives to our brands, multiplying our positive impact."

  • Gopal Vennelakanti

    Gopal Vennelakanti

    June 16th, 2014

    "My first day was in the Den Bosch office in the Netherlands. I arrived and the first person I meet is Fabiano, the HR head for Europe. He soon introduced me to the team and colleagues  on the floor. Needless to say, the welcome was very warm and everyone was very open to share what they were doing in their respective teams.

    My first day was also kind of a bittersweet moment as it was a farewell time for some of the  colleagues. The Europe office had gone through a major restructuring project for the past few months which culminated around the same time I had arrived. Some colleagues were leaving owing to the movement of certain positions from the Netherlands (Den Bosch) to Austria (Vienna) and they decided to find other opportunities in the Netherlands and stay back. Another colleague was leaving for personal reasons to follow her dream of doing a year-long Yoga and spiritual retreat in India. I was there in the middle of the emotion and realized that in spite of people leaving the organization they had only good things to say of their time, their learnings and their memories.

    It also dawned upon me on what a critical role HR plays in change management. While change is the new normal and is here to stay, and that as employees and individuals we need to adapt to, adopt and thrive in change; it is important to help employees and leaders manage these changing times. It is important for leaders to walk the talk; and for employees to experience good leadership and role models in their managers.

    On one hand we as HR had the task of managing those who were moving on – making sure they were treated fairly, in the BRF way and above all that we did all we could to help them move to their promising future. On the other hand, we had the task of building a new culture (inspired by VIVA BRF) that supports Europe's new Go-To-Market strategy (which we in Europe called the LEAP), we needed to leave the past behind us and focus on the future and above all we needed to channelize our energies in one direction as one cohesive collaborative team to achieve the tall goals the LEAP had set forward.

    I could see the engagement of the leadership and the employees and realized that it could not be a better time to be part of this change movement in BRF; to make a tangible impact as an HR person. Making sure we in HR are seen as credible, visible and value adding business partners.

    It was a lot of inputs for one day but it lead me to really believe in the value HR can bring to the table by impacting the 3 B's: Belief, Behavior and Business Practice."

  • Santiago Rosas

    Santiago Rosas

    June 23th, 2014

    "My first day in BRF was a curious experience, given the fact that I have a twin brother (exactly like me) who did his summer job last year in BRF; everyone is really happy to see me (or him) again and when I tell them I am not Jose they are like, “what are you talking about?". After all this confusing moments I found a great way to fix it: a printed photo of my brother and myself! Besides this funny issue, the first day was great. I met the HR team and then we made a meeting round with all the people in the floor. Everyone was so open, helpful and really nice. I can say I felt at home from the very first moment."

  • Camila Velez

    Camila Velez

    May 26th, 2014

    "After 10 days of class in Brazil, I met Abilio Diniz and Antonio Bastos from Tarpon; I couldn’t wait to get started. Everything that I have heard that was happening in BRF just got me more excited, I really wanted to be part of the team that was transforming the most important food company in Brazil. I came Tuesday morning and I was welcomed by the HR team who took me to meet the Investor Relations team. Everybody in the team was really happy to see me. Chris Assis, director of IR, had told them that I was coming. Everyone on the team wanted to know why I chose Brazil and BRF to do my internship, they were also very enthusiastic with the valuation project that I was going to lead. Chris took me to a meeting with an investor and showed me hands on which are the functions of IR. After that she told me, “Camila; some new developments had happened in the market and I need your help in a 4 week project where you must do an industry analysis. And there I was, hands on with the new project reading and understanding the industry, while making a first draft that we had to present next morning to the CFO. This was the beginning of my internship, unexpected changes and challenging hard work. Bring it on!!!"

  • Aditya Gabrani

    Aditya Gabrani

    June 9th, 2014

    "A $2 billion startup – that’s my experience with BRF Middle East. BRF is already one of the leading players in the Middle East market with 32% share of volume and 50% share of imports. We (BRF) are one of the strongest brands with 8/9 top of the mind brands in many markets but, believe it or not, our journey in the Gulf market is just beginning. From the outside it may appear that we are an established company that can relax on the laurels of its past, but step inside the Dubai office and you will experience energy and activity of a startup. Our ambitions for the region are strong and big – to be the largest food company in the region.  It is amazing to see that this message resonates with each and every member of the BRF family. Currently, on the basis of revenue, we are the third largest company in the region trailing behind Nestle and Almarai. It is exciting to see what we have achieved so far and with our new focus, I am very confident that we will achieve our target. Personally, this has been a great summer. From getting an opportunity to interact with senior leaders such as Abilio Diniz and Claudio Galeazzi to working on a live project, this has been a great learning experience. It is humbling to see the senior management of the company lead by example and empower everyone to take bold steps and perform to the best of one’s capability. I am really excited about the future prospects of the company."

  • Karan Kapur

    Karan Kapur

    July 10th, 2014

    "The defining aspect of the BRF experience for me was the supportiveness and openness of the entire BRF team to help shape/customize the internship experience for you. Based on your personal passions and areas that you believe you want to strengthen/learn more about, the BRF team tailored the experience over the period to create a holistic internship experience that stands out from the other standard one-project internship experiences. The people have been more than welcoming, and for someone like me who doesn’t speak a word of Portuguese, I have felt extremely welcomed! The internship opportunity has been a great chance to work with a global giant in the food sector, who is in the middle of defining its strategy, its culture and its processes to evolve into a leaner, more nimble organization that is ready for an entire new phase of tremendous growth all over the world, and truly something unique for people who are interested in the agri sector, or working in a large corporate which is reinventing itself into an entrepreneurial firm!"

  • Summer Journal

    Summer Journal

    June 30th, 2014

    Our integration week was unique not only because we travelled from all over the world (Buenos Aires, Dubai and Amsterdam) to Brazil but also because we had a quest: analyze the situation in each of the areas we visit and look for improvements. Below, a quick snapshot of each of the days:

    Day 1: Breakfast with the leadership at the headquarters. We were very surprised that all the senior management took some time to come by and talk to us. This shows the importance that BRF is giving to the summer internship. The conversation was inspiring and humble.

    Day 2: Uberlândia site (swine and chicken meatpacking, swine and chicken industrialized lines and distribution center);
    Complexity and sheer size of the operations is breathtaking;
    Supervisors and managers were very passionate about the organization and there is certainly an openness and culture to speak up, which is great.

    Day 3: Innovation Center;
    Amazing to see how clinical an approach one can scientifically take towards product development;
    Very different atmosphere. We felt we were in a Silicon Valley company.

    Day 4: Sales Route Impressions.

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