It’s time to celebrate!

Come enjoy with us #BRFAnniversary

Have you ever imagined how much history there is to tell after turning 83? Specially if those more than eight decades are celebrated with over 100 thousand people, that live in several countries and take innovation, quality and flavor to more than 150 countries in the world! Do we or don’t we have good reasons to celebrate?

Yes, BRF is celebrating its anniversary this month. In August 18th, we remember that back in the 1930’s a little business was born in Videira, Santa Catarina, which would later become one of the largest agroindustry complexes in the world: Perdigão. A decade later, in another city from Santa Catarina, Concórdia, it was Sadia that would take the first steps. Both were established with the same desire: offer quality food all around Brazil.

From then to the present, a lot has happened. The brands grew and, in 2009, merged to create BRF, which makes all it can to feed the world. And what an amazing company, right?

Click image below and see our employees from all over the world congratulating BRF for 83 years!


Happy birthday to you!

And if it’s a celebration month, we will make some noise because our celebration is more than special. Through the volunteer program from Instituto BRF, we will repeat last year’s initiative and will have a great volunteer effort, which will happen at the same time in several communities around the world. From Vitória de Santo Antão, in Pernambuco, to the city of Marau, in Rio Grande do Sul, including Nova Mutum, in Mato Grosso; Uberlândia, Minas Gerais; Jundiaí, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

For a reference, in the first year of that initiative, we had over 80 thousand people who benefited from 105 social actions, which mobilized 1.700 employees, spreading happiness around the impacted communities.

This year, our employees were also able to suggest and include volunteer initiatives to celebrate by doing good or choosing to participate in the activities which will already happen in their cities. The result? The company is promoting over 120 initiatives, in 12 states all over Brazil, mobilizing over 2 thousand employees who are involved in close to 50 different cities. Hurry up, there is still time to participate. Click here.

And do you know who’s starting the celebrations? Pedro Faria, BRF’s CEO, will lead the first anniversary initiative with a visit to Lar Sírio Pró-Infância, an organization which has been caring for socially vulnerable children and young people from Sao Paulo for over 90 years. Our volunteers will be among 90 children from 3 to 6, spreading happiness in a day filled with games.

In Videira, Santa Catarina, the maintenance supervisor Khalliu Biavatti will lead the action in Lar O Bom Samaritano, which offers a home to elderly people over 60 years-old that have no way to sustain themselves. It will be a unique moment to share life experiences, renew the institution’s garden and even organize some dancing, to the sound of an harmonica and a guitar.

What about yourself, do you have books for donation at home? In Ponta Grossa, Paraná, the leader Maristela Andrade, an HR analyst, will organize a collection effort to take books to Pegaí – Leitura Grátis project, a non-profit that receives books and offer them in public places.

Those and other dozens of actions will happen in the next 18th, which is the day we are singing Happy Birthday to BRF. Do you want to know more about what is going to happen on BRF’s anniversary? Go to Instituto BRF’s website and check out the complete schedule.

Take a look how it's celebrating the company's 83 years in all our units around the world. Check out the photos below:

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