After ample administrative restructuring, we are ready to establish ourselves as a company that builds value based on the strength of our brands and the innovation of our products.

The management model adopted by BRF in its global operations tailors its processes and products to diverse consumer profiles and habits, while respecting the cultural traditions of the regions where the company operates. This structure is called “glocal” – neologism coined to express this simultaneous movement of globalization and appreciation of the local characteristics of each region. In order to put each consumer at the heart of the business, we have decentralized management by dividing the Company’s operations into six strategic markets.

The leaderships of each market, together with the global VPs are managed by vice-presidents that transversally follow a management model that relies on a group of internal actions based on pillars for quality, meritocracy, costs rationalization, sustainable growth and for the unwavering search for efficiency.

Learn more about the BRF, its Board of Directors and administrative structure

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