This belief should be imbued in each employee and third-party that interacts with the Company, from suppliers of raw materials to the communities that support and compose our chain. We want our transparency to transcend the gates of our units and corporate offices, and be perceived by consumers.

As part of our work to disseminate ethical and transparent behavior, our Compliance Department is responsible for promoting an ethical culture among each of our employees.

We have a code of conduct, called the "BRF Transparency Manual", which is available here, and offer a channel for reporting violations to the guidelines of said code. The BRF Transparency Channel is available to take reports of violations every day. Click here to access the channel.

We, at BRF, believe that, in order to inspire our communities to do right, we must first serve as an inspiring example. And we are counting on the collaboration of all members of our community to adopt the ethical and transparent behavior we seek on a daily basis.

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