Since the birth of BRF in 2009, we started delimitating the field of work of each of our brands, offering specific products to each sector and a unique variety for those who appreciate quality in food. Our products reach more than 150 countries, spread across the five continents, with renowned brands such as Sadia, Perdigão , Qualy , Danica and Paty .

Our business model is "glocal", a neologism that names the simultaneous movement of globalization and valorization of the characteristics of each region where BRF operates, and we work on some pillars that expand our international operations: brand investment; Expansion of the portfolio; Advances in distribution and bet on local productions.

Learn how each region operates:

It is the operation with fundamental value in the execution of BRF's strategy. As the largest producer of animal protein and largest exporter of poultry, it has a portfolio of more than 800 products, highlighting Sadia, the most valuable food brand in Brazil; Perdigão, which makes up 80% of the categories of the industrialized food segment and Qualy, present in 7 out of 10 Brazilian homes.

In addition, the Brazilian market has proven to be a major producer of innovations and references that win the local and global consumer over .Only in 2016 25 new products were developed and more than 70 are planned for 2017.


The region has been gaining relevance in the global strategy consolidation. With a diversified portfolio that prioritizes industrialized foods and categories such as cold cuts, breaded meats, pork in natura, margarines and hamburgers, the region is made up of markets with high potential growth to BRF.

The regional strategy encompasses two axes: the Americas and the Southern Cone. In the first one, which includes countries of Central America and the Caribbean region, the focus is on continuing to expand new markets and strengthen operations. Meanwhile, the Southern Cone stays as a good bet and good accumulated results - especially Argentina, which accounts for 55% of the sales in the region. BRF Latin America has strong and consolidated brands that integrate with consumer life, such as Sadia, Paty and Bocatti, among others.



Access and presence, more value in products and processes, connection with the final consumer and advances in the chain are the performance focuses in this region. It is an area of ​​high complexity, both in cultural aspects as in developmental levels and market maturity, covering more than 13 countries served, from Southeast Asia to East Asia.

Investments in the region have the objective of strengthening our presence in markets that represent the future of global food demand .This is the case of the Chinese market, which will be accountable for 30% of global protein consumption growth up to 2025. Among the main brands sold in the region we have Sadia, Perdix and Sulina.



The region has been an important field for exploring growth and innovation vectors linked to customers who attend the consumption demands of meal prepared outside the home. Several solutions that we can test in food service in relevant markets such as those in Central Europe, allow BRF to deliver more results and strengthen our brands in innovation and adaptation to global consuming trends aspects.

In recent years, we have formed a joint venture (with Invicta Food) and acquired a distributor (Universal Meats).The acquisitions were important to obtain a leading role in the food service channel with high potential in countries such as the UK. We also operate in retail through the Sadia brand in countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Eastern Europe.


The relationship with the Middle East dates back to the 1970s, when we started exporting to the region. Primarily with the Sadia brand, we have been attending heated and promising markets, especially in branded and value-added products. In 2016, we consolidated OneFoods, a subsidiary that positions BRF as a leading Brazilian multinational in Islamic markets and with a high consumer preference, with more than 90% of brand recognition.

Today, we are the leading producer of animal protein in the region and the largest manufacturer of Halal animal products on the planet, with the desire to advance in key markets that materialize the demand for high quality products, innovation and convenience. Among the main brands sold, Sadia, Perdix, Confidence and Hilal stand out.



Among the actions that enabled good results, we strengthened our approach with the final consumer in key markets, with innovations directed by local team, business intelligence, development of supply and distribution agreements and extension of the reach, through active distributors, exploring, for example, the so-called "dry channels", which do not depend on cold distribution processes.

Through innovations aimed at local retail and the presence of the Perdix and Sadia brands, we have launched products with a longer shelf life, with special emphasis on canned sausages and the commercialization of chicken meat in natura adapted to the local consumer, used in the production of stews.

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