If food is what moves us, celebrating this date was a reason to be proud!

That is the feeling the we got from the result of our World Food Day celebration, which happened last October 16th. An entire week with super special guests in live chats on our Facebook page, reinforcing our commitment even more: making food a link that connects people in the world.

But, for that, you need confidence. And, as our CEO Pedro Faria said, “for a food company, World Food Day is the most important date in our calendar”. That is why, during our celebration, we brought some heavyweights to the party. People who are engaged, committed to the matter and are promoting, not only in Brazil but also abroad, several relevant initiatives for the sector.

To start our week, Faria was beside the ad man Nizan Guanaes talking about a subject that both know very well: Consumer Trends. And what’s coming? According to Guanaes, the food companies’ role is much more complex nowadays than it used to be in the past. “We see that products change, markets change and the consumer has also changed. Today they participate, act and inquire much more than the passive consumer that we had in the past”. And BRF’s part in providing for this new consumer profile lies in offering authenticity in what it produces. “We want to talk with real people, that have different layers, that are searching for different things during their food journey. Everybody is looking for the 4 S’s: a food that is Saborosa (tasty), Saudável (healthy), Sustentável (sustainable) and Segura (safe)”, Faria tells us.

In the second day, Dr. Dráuzio Varella, who needs no introduction, was beside Fábio Bagnara, our R&D manager and Erica Migales, Sadia’s Marketing manager, to talk about Health and Sodium Reduction. Inspired by the project spearheaded by the brand, which reduced the sodium in its products in 30% in just a year -  what amounts to 1.800 tons of sodium removed from over 50 products – Varella supported not only the importance of reducing the salt intake, as well as the project’s seriousness. “This kind of initiative is very interesting and it is something that the entire industry will have to follow”.

And to wrap this special week up, the issue of the third day of talk was Zero Food Waste. In this debate Sula Alves, our Sustainability manager, was with Nicola Gryczka, from Gastromotiva, an organization that uses food to transform the life of people who are socially vulnerable; and Alcione Silva, from Save Food Brasil, a FAO-ONU organization for reducing food loss and waste in Brazil, that has in BRF its only Brazilian partner.


Besides our communication through our social media, we published our program in news portals and ads on big newspapers. The result was over 10 million people reached. And more!

+ 14 million people reached on our Facebook page
+ 700 thousand minutes watched between all the broadcasts
+ 18 thousand likes in all our posts
+ 1,5 thousand comments

Were you not able to follow our program? Click on the images below to watch the full videos. Or access our Facebook with all our content:

Live#1 – Consumer Trends, with Pedro Faria and Nizan Guanaes


Live#2 – Sodium Reduction and Health, with Drauzio Varella, Erica Migales and Fabio Bagnara


Live#3 – Zero Food Waste, with Alcione Silva, Nicola Gryczka and Sula Alves

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