Diversity and Inclusion

BRF values all people capable of contributing towards our becoming one of the biggest food companies in the world.

Traits, personalities, ages, colors, heights, preferences, birthplaces, ways of thinking and living. Diversity is in the field, in our distribution centers, in the factories, in the offices and on our consumer’s table.

And how do we boost that strength in BRF?

Motivating each person to fully develop. To take note of their own differences and be proud of them, valuing the life paths and individual passions of thousands of Food Lovers in our entire chain.

Every day we celebrate the potentials that are present in all the ecosystems where BRF acts: Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America – focusing on their integration, cooperation and interdependency.

In this manner, it is in mixing different habits, traditions and experiences that we recognize that diversity is crucial for our existence. And we present ourselves to the world with the conviction that we are this infinite mix.


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