In the last few years we have upheld the ambition of making BRF the most relevant and inspiring food company in the world, with a business model that values the final consumer, the strength of its brands and the hardiness of the chain of production. In this sense, BRF aligns its strategic, political and process goals to its sustainable principles, aiming to generate and maintain long-term value, reducing risk and negative impacts while creating positive impacts in and for the business. This work is done through the implementation of corporate sustainability practices that allow us to meet the short-term needs and guarantee the long-term perdurability of the Company, without compromising the needs of society.


Considering the world’s mindset regarding global warming, which is a big challenge for humanity in this century, BM&FBOVESPA and Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico Social (BNDES) – Brazilian Development Bank, in a team initiative, decided to create the Índice Carbono Eficiente (ICO2) – Carbon-Efficient Index. This index is compiled from the stocks of companies that are a part of the IBr-X index and wanted to participate in this initiative, adopting transparent practices regarding their emission of greenhouse gases (GHG), taking into consideration, in order to balance the listed companies, their level of efficiency of GHG emission, as well as the free float (total circulating stocks) of each one of them.

The main objective is to motivate companies to be a part of the “low carbon” economy and provide the market with an index where the performance is the result of a portfolio oriented by factors that relate to climate change management. BRF has been a part of this portfolio since 2009.


Non-profit organization with the goal of creating a relationship between stockholders and companies that focuses on business opportunities deriving from global warming. It is a collective requirement, a form, developed by institutional investors and addressed to companies listed in the main stock exchange markets around the world, aiming to advertise information regarding climate change, water, forests and supply chain policies. BRF has filled this form since 2005 and is a reference among Latin America companies in transparency and management.


BRF presents to its employees, consumers, stockholders, investors, suppliers, clients and other partners the Annual Report, which follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting methodology, comprehensive G4 version, together with the integrated reporting directives from the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

We report through these international references all the specific performance contents which are related to each relevant business aspect, all the while further developing the demonstration of our corporate governance practices.

We also present the food sector indices, our resource allocation practices, our business model and our vision on capitals (financial, intellectual, human, social, natural and manufactured). We keep going further when demonstrating how each socio-environmental theme has a connection to the risks and opportunities we map for business, besides linking to the financial and operational results. The presented indices cover the period from January 1st to December 31st, for financial data and non-financial data likewise.


In 2015, we became the first company in South America to issue, abroad, 500 million euros of Senior Notes (green bonds). Expiring in 6/3/2022 and a coupon (interest) of 2.75% a year, we will have seven years to invest in projects that have proven reduction of environmental impacts.

During that time, the resource allocation will be monitored annually, in order to guarantee that it follows the title’s criteria. Issuing green bonds has allowed the Company to increase the capacity for investment in green projects, focusing in fields such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable forests, reduction of greenhouse gases, water management, packaging, reducing the use of raw materials or managing residual materials.

The successful experience became a benchmark for the Brazilian market – in which that practice tends to become more and more disseminated, as a way to prepare companies to invest in natural capital.


BRF believes that it must go beyond following tax laws in the countries where it is present, developing constructive and lasting relationships with local institutions, cooperating to improve the tax system in places where we operate, always mindful of our integrity and anti-corruption policies.

The management of our tax load happens integrated with BRF’s business strategy, according to, therefore, the factors that impact the cost of serving our clients in each place, including consumer preferences, logistics, input availability, financing conditions, among others. Our goal is to contribute so the company can offer our high-quality products, with a competitive price and accessible to consumers. Our decisions regarding the taxes we pay consider the impact over our several stakeholders, including clients, investors, suppliers, employees, local government and society and aim to support the sustainable growth of our businesses.

In this context, we seek to qualify for the tax incentive programs offered according to the law of the countries we are located, in a transparent and collaborative manner, due to the aligned interest in contributing to the socio-economic development of the communities where we are present, through generating direct and indirect jobs and through offering quality products with accessible prices, therefore distributing value between our stakeholders not only by collecting taxes, but also by managing lucrative and safe operations that respect the environment and the community where we act.

BRF Tax Policy – UK
In accordance with Paragraph 16(2), Schedule 19, Finance Act 2016, BRF presents its group tax policy for all UK companies within BRF. Our tax policy and objective are to comply across all direct and indirect taxes, as a company and employer, with all applicable tax laws and obligations in all countries where we operate, as well as with international treaties and international tax guidelines. Click here and check out the complete UK tax policy.


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