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Do you have any question, criticism, praise or suggestion for BRF? Would you like any information about our brands? See the answers below to the frequently asked questions we received from our Customer Service Center. Use the key word search to find what you need.

Do you have any doubts, criticisms, praise or suggestions for BRF? Would you like any information about our brands? See answers below to the most frequently asked questions we receive from our Customer Service Center. Use the key word search to find what you need.

  • How do I contact the CSC?

    If you are in Brazil, you can contact BRF's CSC or the customer service centers for each of our product brands – Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy  – by phone or by e-mail. See the contacts here.

  • I bought a BRF product and it had problems (past its expiration date, differences in usual flavor or broken seal, for example). What should I do?

    Contact the CSC so we can understand your problem and propose a solution.

  • I want to participate in BRF selection processes. What should I do?

    Go to the our Carrers page on LinkedIn and candidate to the vacancies that you have interest. 

  • I work at/am a Human Resources Consultant and I want to offer my services to BRF. Who should I contact?

    If you want to recruit talents for a BRF unit in Brazil or abroad, register your company here on the website. Simply complete this form and wait for our human resources team to contact you.

  • I am a student and I need information about BRF for a college project. Where can I get information?

    Contact About BRF to find details on the company's history, mission, vision, values and detail about the company's culture and our production chain. For information on research, development and innovation processes, contact our Open Innovation platform.

  • There is a BRF factory in my city. How does it benefit where I live?

    BRF has more than 60 industrial units spread about the world. At each factory or administrative head office, the company works to develop its business and to contribute towards local development. We created the BRF Institute to boost those communities in which we operate even more. It is an organization that develops projects and partnerships in those places where the company is active. In order to learn more about the Institute's projects and BRF's impact on local development, visit this section of the website.

  • How do I check the nutritional information for BRF products?

    All our products follow the standards determined by Brazilian and international law. Each product's label contains the nutritional information. However, you can learn more about the care we take with your health on this page.

  • Are BRF chickens raised on hormones?

    No! Our chickens are not raised on hormones. Check out here.

  • What are the guidelines for animal welfare in BRF?

    We follow international standards and we have partnered with the NGO World Animal Protection in order to improve practices in the supply and production chain. Meet all our animal welfare commitments here.

  • What is the composition of the foods sold by BRF?

    Our portfolio has more than 3.3 thousand products. For more information about a specific product, visit the brand pages below or contact the Customer Service Center.


    PERDIGÃO: www.perdigã


  • I am a journalist and I need press liaison contacts or information to write a report.

    Visit the website's press area to find the phone numbers and register to receive information about BRF firsthand.

  • Is there any specific BRF policy for recycling?

    Learn about all BRF's environmental actions by visiting our website's Sustainability page.

  • What concerns does BRF have about the environment?

    We have signed several sustainability pacts. We have invested to improve our factory infrastructure, and we have elaborated some environmental management programs. Learn more on this page.

  • I am an investor and I want BRF financial information. What should I do?

    All our financial information, about the company's strategies and competitive advantages, can be found on our Investor Relations portal.

  • How does BRF operate in innovation?

    Our Innovation Center, in Jundiaí, is one of the biggest innovation centers in Brazil. You can learn more about it and about our investments in Research and Development on this page.

  • I have an innovation project / am a researcher and I want to work in partnership with BRF. How can I participate?

    Learn more about the research we develop or submit your project by visiting the company's Open Innovation platform.

  • I have a restaurant / market / store / delivery / food chain and I want to use BRF products. Is there any special condition?

    In order to include BRF in your business, visit the Food Services page. We offer products, services and solutions in gastronomic consultancy for your company

  • I saw a truck / car / general vehicle identified as belonging to BRF and breaking traffic laws, and I want to report this.

    File any complaints concerning logistics and/or inform about any BRF cargo transportation involved in traffic violations and/or accidents by contacting BRF's CSC by phone.

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