Technological innovation to improve ambience and acclimatization to ensure animal welfare. A center dedicated to the improvement and development of products and processes of BRF.

Inaugurated in July 2013, the BRF Innovation Center (BIC), in Jundiaí, Brazil, was conceived to be one of the main reference points for innovation and technological development in the food sector. The complex, which is home to the Office of R&D and Quality, is responsible for research and development of meat products, pastas, margarines, vegetables and packaging, as well as the BRF Quality System. It received investments of R$ 106 million from the Studies and Projects Funding Agency (Finep), Brazil’s main institution supporting Research, Development and Innovation.

Created to be an innovative environment, BIC is considered a model of sustainability and technology in civil construction. With an area of 12,500m², the center adheres to the most demanding environmental standards and has a pilot plant in operation with the capacity to perform experimental research and tests on an industrial scale. The team, comprised of more than 180 researchers and technicians, is highly trained, and dedicated to improving and developing BRF products and processes, based on applied research and studies of new technologies. 

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