What is innovation for BRF?

Our credibility in the Brazilian market drives the company's expansion around the world.

BRF invests continuously in technology throughout its production chain with the objective of improving and creating new products, processes and services. This strategy was recognized by Forbes magazine, which listed the company among the 100 most innovative in the world for two years running, 2012 and 2013, taking over 39th place in the world.

This recognition is the result of the work of several Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) teams, present in every phase of the BRF production chain, with units located in Carambeí (PR), Curitiba (PR), Jundiaí (SP) and São Paulo (SP), in Brazil. To apply, improve and develop new technologies, company professionals have access to a complete infrastructure, comprised of technology centers and pilot plants.

BRF values and stimulates scientific, technological, economic and social development. Therefore, we establish partnerships with Universities, Research Centers, specialists, consultants and suppliers for the joint development of new knowledge and technologies.

To ensure that the innovations reach the consumer, the Vice-President of Marketing and Innovation strategically structures product launches, aligning domestic and international consumer trends with new technologies.


Learn about the results of work by several R&D teams dedicated to the application and development of technologies.


Perdigão begins to produce industrialized meats.


Sadia Seasoned Turkey is born, one of the most successful products in the history of the company. In the following year, the Turkey got a thermometer to make preparing Christmas dinner that much easier.


Perdigão launches the Chester® Line, a pioneer in industrialized products with low fat.


Sadia was the first company to open a customer service center.


Sadia launches the first product in the category of ready-to-cook meals in Brazil.


Sadia invests in the light line with reduced sodium.


Perdigão launches frozen pizza.


Sadia launches the Hot Pocket line, with frozen sandwiches and pizzas.


Perdigão launches My Menu, the first line of individual, ready-to-cook meals.

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