The Perdigão S.A. company was founded in 1934, in the state of Santa Catarina, and its path is entwined with the history of the Brazilian food industry. Since it was founded, Perdigão has been present in Brazilian households with a broad product line composed of products such as Mortadella Ouro, Chester, Meu Menu, Mini Chicken, and many others.

BRF was born from the merger between Perdigão and Sadia in 2009 and is now one of the largest companies in the food industry, with  several well-established brands.

As with all brands in the BRF portfolio, the vocation for innovation is also found in Perdigão’s DNA; the launch of the Chester® brand, in 1983, is emblematic of this: the special poultry became synonymous with premium quality during holiday season celebrations.

Did you know that the birds depicted on the brand’s logo are a pair of partridges? When they celebrated their 68th anniversary, the birds started living inside a heart, which is still part of the brand’s visual identity to this day.

The Perdigão brand belongs to one of the largest food companies in Brazil and in the world, which is responsible for contributing to the country’s growth and stability, always in a socially responsible manner and with respect for society and the environment.




  • ÉPOCA RECLAME AQUI AWARD Época Magazine 3rd place in the Food – Perishable, Frozen and Dairy category
  • RANKING MARCAS MAIS ESTADÃO | Most engaged brands in Brazil 3rd place in the category Industrialized Foods
  • THE 60 MOST VALUABLE BRANDS IN BRAZIL IstoÉ Dinheiro Magazine 29th place in the ranking
  • BRAZIL’S MOST LOVED BRANDS Consumidor Moderno Magazine Ranking of the 20 most loved brands in the country


  • BRAZIL'S MOST VALUABLE BRANDS - ISTOÉ DINHEIRO MAGANIZE Ranking of the 50 most valuable brands in the country in 2016


  • 2nd place: Brands of Rio de Janeiro - O Globo Newspaper Category: frozen food


  • 2nd place: Most Valuable Brazilian Food Brand IstoÉ Dinheiro


  • 2013 Top One Supplier Supermercado Moderno Magazine
  • 2nd place: Top of Mind – Folha de São Paulo Category: Food
  • 2nd place: Top of Mind – Folha de São Paulo Category: Frozen Foods


  • The 50 most valuable brands in Brazil in 2012 IstoÉ Dinheiro


  • Product of the Year: Meu Menu 1st place in the ready-made meals category
  • 2011 Embalagem Marca Award – Great packaging cases – Embalagem e Marca Magazine
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