Pig breeder, do you know the African swine fever? The ASF is highly contagious for your animals, and it does not have a vaccine yet. Taking preventive safety measures on your farm and markets is enough to protect your pigs and those of your neighbors.

Report any suspected ASF cases (in either dead or alive animals) to the official veterinary service.

Do not feed your pigs with untreated food leftovers or any foods containing pork meat.

Avoid direct and indirect contact of domestic pigs with wild pigs.

Prevent visitors from having unnecessary direct or indirect contact with your pigs.

Clean and disinfect any equipment shared with other farms and wild pig hunters.

Observe all relevant sanitary precautions on your farm and at the food markets.


– Do not move your animals or homemade pork products.

– Do not organize any slaughters on your farm.

– Make sure the official veterinary service has your property and its pigs properly registered.

Note: unadvised attitudes can spread the disease.


The best way to protect your property and that of your neighbors.


– Establish and maintain physical barriers to reduce the chances of spreading the disease through people, animals or materials. If properly applied, segregation measures prevent contamination and infection.

– Protect the entrances of the property. Maintain robust peripheral barriers and properly store water and food to prevent contact with wild pigs.


– All materials (vehicles, equipment, etc.) entering or leaving the property must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to eliminate visible dirt and inactivate any pathogens.

– Shower or wash your hands before and after visiting a pig property.

– Wear specific clothing and footwear at the property.

– Clean vehicles and shoes. It is important to remove all visible traces of organic matter prior to disinfection.

– Clean and disinfect the facilities before different lots of pigs are handled.

– Use an approved disinfectant against the ASF virus.


– Only feed your animals with the food provided by BRF. If you are a pig farmer but is not an integrated farmer associated with BRF, do not feed your animals with untreated food leftovers.