The BRF Sustainability Plan is in tune with our essence and aligned with our Sustainability Policy. To increase our transparency and reinforce our ambitions, we have established global and transversal commitments to ESG aspects. Among them, our goal is to guarantee the traceability of 100% of the beans acquired from the Amazon and the Cerrado by 2025.

BRF has internal and contractual grain guidelines that prohibit the acquisition of raw materials originating in deforestation areas in the Amazon and the Cerrado.All deviations found are analyzed with the supplier with remedial measures or addressed cancellation.

In 2020, BRF’s Commodities area entered into a partnership with a company specialized in territorial analysis and traceability. With this, it will be possible to register the territory of our direct grain suppliers and, from 2021, track and monitor based on the main socioenvironmental criteria of the market.We will also maintain, in a systematic way, periodic consultations with the main socio-environmental monitoring lists (embargoes of IBAMA, CEIS, “Dirty List” of the Ministry of Economy, which includes work analogous to slavery and child labor, among others), for the management sustainable and continuous improvement of our suppliers.

Also in 2020, the Company signed a sectoral statement led by the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) that calls for an agenda to combat illegal deforestation in the Amazon. In the same year, it also joined the Brazil Climate, Forests and Agriculture Coalition, which works on the agenda of protection, conservation and sustainable use of forests as a great Brazilian potential in mitigating climate change. These actions strengthen a more sustainable management free of deforestation, aligned with the main trends and best practices, considering the complexity and dynamics of our chain.

Follow the BRF Integrated Report, all projects and actions that have been modernized over time.