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BEWARE! We have seen some people claiming to be BRF representatives by using fake names or documents, and fraudulent transactions such as product sales by e-mail, websites and/or via Skype.

In case of suspicions involving BRF or any companies from our group, please contact us.


About Us

One of the largest global companies
of food, present in 140 countries,
more than 100 thousand employees and one
goal: to produce quality food.

Animal Welfare

Our animal welfare practices meet
international requirements and encompass
all stages of the production chain


We invest in research, development and
innovation to offer safe and practical
food for our consumers

About us

We are one of the largest global food companies, present in 117 countries, with more than 100,000 employees with one goal:

Offer a better life for everyone.

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Transparency Channel

Attention! In cases of suspected fraud involving BRF brands, please contact.

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Product recall notice (Recall)

From preparation to ingredients and packaging, our Innovation Centers are always improving our products.


We invest in research, development and innovation to put safe and practical food on the table for consumers.

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Get to know the BRF guidelines to guarantee a performance aligned with our

commitment to sustainability.

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Ethics and Integrity

Learn how we ensure that our values are respected throughout the production chain.

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BRF Institute

Our projects encourage social innovation and bring welfare to the community.

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Animal welfare

Our global Animal Welfare Made in BRF program structures our practices and commitments.

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Come work with one of the largest food companies in the world,

with more than 100,000 employees spread around the planet.

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