A BRF, uma empresa global orientada pela sua preocupação com o meio ambiente, o bem-estar animal, a promoção do desenvolvimento social e do consumo sustentável.

At BRF, sustainability is a daily practice and is part of our business.

We are one of the largest food companies in the world, and this requires responsibility in our way of producing, transparency and ethics in conducting business. Demonstrating the company’s understanding of the relevance of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) aspects and its role as a promoter of sustainable development, we work to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment, promote social development, ensure animal welfare and conserve natural resources, generating value for our stakeholders.

Sustainability Platform

Our sustainability management is based on six strategic pillars, which are in synergy with the most relevant topics for the business, according to our materiality matrix.

Supply Chain Management

It encompasses the control of the origin of raw materials and the engagement of suppliers to the best sustainability practices.

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Animal welfare

It manages the animal handling practice, in accordance with the Global Animal Welfare Program Made at BRF, which defines practices and commitments in the breeding, transportation and slaughter of animals.

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Climate Change

It seeks to mitigate the effects of climate change and contribute to the strengthening of a low-carbon economy. BRF is committed to being a Net Zero company by 2040.

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Natural resources

It promotes the management of water and energy consumption throughout our value chain. It seeks alternatives for generating energy from clean and renewable sources.

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Circular Economy and Waste Management

It promotes the reduction, recycling and reuse of materials throughout the value chain – from suppliers to the post-consumer phase.

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Social Responsibility

It seeks to disseminate inclusion, diversity and education with the BRF Institute, contributing to the development of the communities in which we are present.

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Our Commitments & Goals

To strengthen our transparency and reinforce our commitment to sustainable development, we have established global and cross-business ESG commitments.

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Rankings & Indexes

BRF’s sustainability initiatives have received constant recognition in various rankings and indexes, highlighting the company’s commitment and significant progress in recent years towards sustainable development.

Partnerships and Associations

As a global company, we also seek to collaborate for sustainable development and the improvement of our practices, as well as those of our industry, through networking. Voluntary initiatives, associations and sectoral entities are some of the partnerships we have signed.

Content Center

In this section, you can see the main documents related to the Company’s sustainability agenda.

Learn, among other documents, about our Sustainability Policy and the Company’s guidelines regarding commitments and principles to be applied in the business, with a focus on incorporating environmental, social, governance and financial aspects into the Company’s practices and management.