Our Responsability

We continue with a vigilant and integrated focus on Animal Welfare.

In an increasingly responsible manner and in line with ethical principles, BRF is always working to positively transform its entire production chain. Therefore, it promotes animal welfare best practices in an integrated and comprehensive manner, with everyone who is part of its chain, such as partners and suppliers, for example.

Our global program Animal Welfare Made in BRF sets our rules for raising, transporting and slaughtering animals, establishing policies, standards, processes, indicators and continuous training, while respecting the environmental, cultural, climatic or religious specificities of each location where we operate. The program includes assessment of gaps and opportunities, with a short, medium and long-term action plan.

Our Premises

The Animal Welfare program is premised on the concept of the 5 domains of Animal Welfare, which takes into account, in addition to the physical states of animals, behavior and their mental states. This concept is an evolution of the 5 freedoms developed in 1979 by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC).


Adequate consumption of nutritious foods is an enjoyable experience.


Good conditions that offer comfort and safety.


Care that guarantees robustness and vitality.


Assorted activities and rewarding challenges.

Mental state

Prioritize comfort, interest, and confidence and avoid negative experiences.

Dedicated AW professionals throughout the BRF chain

We have "Animal Welfare Officers" throughout BRF's production chain, from grow-out operations to processing operations.

These professionals are leaders and technical reference in their area of expertise, have autonomy and authority over the process.


In order for everything to occur in an organized and assertive manner, BRF created the Animal Welfare Made in BRF Program. The Program has been in existence since 2015 and works with six pillars:


Adequate Nutrition


Appropriate environment


Good health conditions


Natural behavior


Humane Handling


Training and awareness

The Animal Welfare Made in BRF carried out at BRF engages several areas of the company at all levels, including senior leadership.

The key indicators and the evolution of public commitments are discussed monthly by the operations directors (agricultural and industrial), as well as in the Sustainability Executive Committee.

There is also a diverse group of specialists. All decisions regarding the care and facilities where the animals are involved are approved by the technical areas.


In 2022, the area started to report to the vice-presidency of Agriculture and Quality, Sponsor of the Animal Welfare Program Made at BRF, and which is in line with the CIEX Agricultural and Sustainability boards. The Animal Welfare Management is formed by veterinarians and zootechnists fully dedicated to the treatment and advancement of the theme, demonstrating the importance of the theme for BRF.

The team also monitors the evolution of animal welfare and monitoring data, committees, decision-making and training assignments related to the topic.

In addition, we have multidisciplinary working groups to deal with specific issues involving various areas of the company, such as Operations, Quality, Planning and Supplies.

BRF promotes consumer education on animal welfare through web series on the subject available on the company's website and also on YouTube. In addition, we publish on the company's social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. We are also communicating animal welfare to our consumers through the Sadia BIO and Sadia Organic line, which addresses the animal welfare differential for these two lines.

We also participated in webinars from other entities bringing the theme of animal welfare within the focus of sustainability.


We collaborate with discussions on animal welfare in sectoral entities, such as the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) and the International Poultry Council, of which we are members.

In addition, by sharing our technical knowledge and providing access to our production units, we generate knowledge and research within the Brazilian productive reality, through institutions such as EMBRAPA (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation), University of São Paulo (USP), Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and Federal University of Paraná (UFPR).

We actively participate in the 3 Ts Alliance with World Animal Protection and alongside a global group of experts who are working collaboratively to study and terminate practices in swine, including tail cutting, tooth cutting and surgical castration. The ultimate goal of this Alliance is to use the information gathered to develop an evidence-based case to be taken to the industry globally for the benefit of pig welfare.

Learn more

Take a look at the company's business case in the booklet UN Global Compact Food and Agriculture — Business Principles as Guidelines for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our responsibility

The basis of our chain is animals, and ensuring their well-being is fundamental to BRF. Therefore, we always work to improve the quality of life of animals inside and outside BRF.