Through the BRF Energy Excellence Program, we seek to promote sustainable energy consumption in manufacturing and administrative operations. In the program, performance indicators are established, energy consumption is monitored in the different production processes, considering the lines, categories and final products elaborated. The activities in distribution centers, agriculture and administrative areas are also managed.

We also maintain the BRF Energy Committee, formed by the Engineering, Controllership and Procurement teams, which meets monthly, to follow initiatives and study ways to reduce consumption. In addition, we consider in our decision-making the improvement of the acquisition cost, the search for strategic partners in the development of sustainable projects, the approval of projects to reduce consumption and the guarantee of internalization of the program guidelines for the producing units.

We have about 3% of our consumption served by our own energy generation, we maintain annual goals to improve efficiency of use and an investment plan for the next years, in order to raise the percentage of the company’s own generation – which would safeguard it in rationing cases, for example.

BRF still adopts annual lines of investments to apply its own resources for upgrading technology and purchasing more efficient equipment. As, for example, the standardization of temperature control procedures of freezing tunnels stands out; the implementation of automatic controls and variables of compressed air equipment; and upgrading the lighting technology in factories to the LED system.

In addition to these initiatives, BRF takes advantage of the availability of resources from the Energy Efficiency Programs of energy distributors, under the recommendation of the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), with actions such as replacing common motors and electric pumps for high-performance equipment, which also has impacts on GHG emissions.

We also prioritize the use of renewable sources in our energy matrix, reaching a percentage higher than 90% of the total. The largest contribution is from biomass – from the own reforestation areas – used for steam generation in our production processes.

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