At BRF we have a great responsibility to use energy efficiently and responsibly.

We reinforce our commitment to the priority use of less carbon-intensive energy sources and review the challenge already taken. By 2030, we will increase to 50% the electric energy self-produced by BRF from clean sources.

At BRF we have a great responsibility to use energy efficiently and responsibly. In our operations, efforts are focused on the efficient use of energy. Energy consumption is monitored daily by our energy efficiency teams, who monitor, treat specific deviations and propose action plans if necessary. In 2020, we maintained the priority use of renewable sources in our energy matrix, with a percentage of 91.1% of energy from renewable sources.We have about 30 thousand hectares of productive area distributed in eight Brazilian states and 204 farms, which serve as a source of renewable energy for the units and assist in climate regulation.

As an attitude towards the Sustainability commitments, we launched a program aimed at the agricultural chain aiming at making better use of Photovoltaic Energy. The Program aims to invest so that integrated producers can structure themselves to capture solar energy, minimizing environmental impacts, including financial ones. To make the Program feasible, BRF in partnership with Banco do Brasil signed an agreement, aiming, initially, to release credit of around R $ 200 million in credit limits to finance investments in the installation of solar energy panels in integrated farms.

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