We are one of the largest food companies in the world.

For almost 90 years, we have been bringing delicious food to the entire world with agility, simplicity, and efficiency.

From farm to table, with nearly 100,000 employees, our integrated chain is guided by the sustainable management of our business and our passion for producing quality food.


We are a Brazilian company with strong brands and products for a wide range of occasions.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of high-value-added products, produced with Safety, Quality, and Integrity at the forefront.

+500 million

Deliveries per month

+300 thousand




5 million

Tons of food produced per year


100 million



Distribution centers

10 thousand

Integrated Producers


Production Units


38 production units
28 distribution centers
4 Animal feed plants


1 production unit
Commercial office


Commercial office


Commercial office

África do Sul

Commercial office

Oriente médio

2 production units
11 distribution centers


Commercial office
12 Distribution points


1 Administrative office


3 Production units
19 distribution centers
3 Administrative offices
3 Animal feed plants

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Our people are our greatest pride. There are nearly 100.000 employees, who work daily with agility, simplicity and efficiency to bring quality food to thousands of people around the world. We celebrate diversity daily

We are co-founders of Mover and help lead the fight against structural racism, promoting racial equity. Furthermore, today BRF is one of the largest employers of refugees in Brazil.

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Innovation is a tradition at BRF! It is present in everything we do, in the daily work of our nearly 100.000 employees worldwide, and most importantly, in the way we bring our brands from the farm to the table.

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With corporate responsibility and its role as a promoter of sustainable development, we operate in our value chain on the following strategic fronts: environmental compliance in manufacturing operations; in the development of integrated suppliers and producers; in respecting and valuing our people, and in voluntary adherence to animal welfare commitments.

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The management model adopted by BRF in its global operations aligns processes and products with the different profiles and habits of consumers, respecting the cultural traditions of the regions where the company operates.

BRF is divided into the following management groups:

Administrative board:

In line with the best governance practices, the Chairman of the Board of Directors does not hold executive functions. Qualifications for Board membership, as defined in the Bylaws, include aspects such as having an impeccable reputation, not holding positions in competitors, or representing conflicting interests. Both the Board members and members of Committees and the Executive Board have a formal performance evaluation tool, including a 360-degree assessment and addressing sustainability-related issues.


Advisory committees to the Board of Directors have been maintained since 2006 and consist of members of the Board itself. In a meeting held on April 6, 2022, the appointment of regular members to the Advisory Committees to the Board of Directors was approved, namely: Audit and Integrity Committee, Finance and Risk Management Committee, People, Governance, Organization, and Culture Committee, and Sustainability Committee.

Audit Committee

Composed of three members, one of whom is a financial specialist. It meets periodically and, when necessary, participates in meetings with the Board of Directors.

Executive Board

Responsible for managing the business in complete alignment with the strategic guidelines defined by the executives and approved by the Board of Directors.

In Brazil, the company has more than 38 factories and 53 distribution centers. Internationally, it operates in over 44 industrial plants.


Our commitment to ensuring the quality of services and products in our portfolio brings us recognition from important organizations and media outlets around the world.

All these achievements are possible because BRF is built by thousands of people working in harmony to strengthen our core purpose: to feed the world with our products.

Here are the main awards and recognitions received by BRF:

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