Nutritional Guidelines

As a global company, which produces food for millions of people and is present in 127 countries around the world, BRF consolidated its nutritional guidelines, based on a holistic and integrative approach, associated with global food challenges, WHO recommendations and its business strategy.

These guidelines are based on the ATNI (Access to Nutrition Initiative) pillars, an independent organization that focuses on developing tools and initiatives to leverage contribution of the food and beverage industry to global nutrition challenges.


BRF’s nutritional strategy is guided by its guidelines and gradually applied in the company’s plans and initiatives, aligned with its marketing and commercial goals.


We seek continuous improvement of products, with a priority action in reducing sodium and saturated fat. We offer a diversified and balanced portfolio, to meet different nutritional needs of consumers and market requirements. For this, we continuously invest in lines of research and technological innovation to provide solutions that meet these guidelines without sacrificing the sensory and safety aspects of food.

We work to identify opportunities to improve the formulation, production process and packaging and monitor current trends and legislation in the countries where we operate. Among the technical initiatives, we invested in technological platforms that allow the evaluation of ingredients and the possible simplification of labels. We are also looking for new protein sources that can complement our portfolio.


We contribute to access to protein food sources through a solid distribution network, supplying products throughout the country.

We support initiatives to reduce waste (food waste) with the development of actions with the BRF Institute and we continuously work to reduce losses (food loss), with efficiency in the chain and sustainable practices, for example through BRF Ingredients, adding value to materials raw materials from the agricultural chain to generate high-performance ingredients.


We believe in balanced consumption and healthy habits, suggesting balanced combinations for different meals to consumers, in addition to valuing the health and quality of life of our employees.


We adopt Responsible Marketing practices, in a clear and transparent way, ensuring the well-being of customers and respecting current local regulations, such as the Brazilian Advertising Self-Regulation Code (CONAR) and the recommendations of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

We ratify our responsibility in relation to children’s advertising, as signatories of the Public Commitment formalized before the Brazilian Association of Food Industries (ABIA) and the Brazilian Association of Advertisers (ABA) on food and beverage advertising aimed at children.


We ensure clear and transparent nutritional information on the packaging, complying with current local legislation on labeling.


We act in a sectorial manner with stakeholders related to the topic, with ethics, transparency and responsibility, maintaining an active and up-to-date advisory panel. We follow internal practices associated with our integrity system, based on internal corporate standards and current legislation.

In addition, we guarantee in our practices the standards and principles defined by the industry’s self-regulation tool for responsible lobbying, in accordance with the Responsible Lobbying Framework.