Our Practices

We are all interconnected: human welfare, animal welfare and the environment.

BRF believes that human welfare is connected with animal welfare. This makes us work more and more integrated in all stages of the chain, from farm to fork.

The concept "one welfare" emphasizes the link between animal welfare, human welfare and the environment. It is based on and complements the concept “One world, one health" to achieve fully comprehensive approaches in support of global sustainable development and it is in line with the company’s sustainability strategy.

Besides, in order to adopt the best practices, the company provides ongoing training to managers, technicians, producers, drivers and operators, in addition to improving its production processes, including management, nutrition and health procedures.

BRF has its own team of veterinarians, who attend to 100% of the farm animals. This also extends to the medications used, which are purchased and distributed by BRF itself, certifying its origin through audits and accreditations with official authorities.

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BRF has specific indicators that evaluate the performance of poultry farms, hatcheries, transport and slaughter procedures, including animal welfare indicators in each production stage, which are constantly improving.

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BRF promotes a training routine on animal welfare for employees, partners, integrated producers and transporters.

The training is carried out by a technical team trained on Animal Welfare.

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Discover some species-specific practices


BRF, considering its principles of offering conditions of welfare to the animals in its raising works with adequate stockdensities for the different species and categories, being inferior even to the strictest international legislation.

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One of the principles of BRF is the adoption of practices that contribute to the sanitary freedom of animals to make sure they are free of pain, injuries and diseases.

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