Our culture

Our history began over 85 years ago. Since then, many things have changed in the world —
and  so have we, to keep on growing and writing this story.

Do you know what hasn’t changed, though? Our passion for working with food.

We are more than 90,000 people based out of places around the globe, proud of building, every day, a strong, diverse and live culture that changes without losing sight of what moves us forward: our purpose of offering a Better Life. 

Our task is to offer increasingly tasty and practical quality food. while providing a better quality of life to many people, from farm to fork.

We are part of a huge ecosystem. And we know that our performance in the world only makes sense if we contribute to a better life for those who are also part of it.

Our supply chain is live, long and complex, and we manage it sustainably. Sustainably because we do it by cherishing our people, respecting the environment and animal welfare and because, by fostering business growth, we create and share value with all those that are part of our chain.

Thriving in this supply chain is a daily challenge that requires vision, courage, empathy, knowledge and responsibility.

To do this, we follow 3 non-negotiable commitments:

Safety: this is the pre-requisite for everything that we do because it is related to life and health.

Quality: It must be everywhere: from products and services to processes, behaviors and daily activities.

Integrity: this means always complying to the legislation, the commitments we’ve made and our Transparency Manual, as well as acting according to our Essence. And we can only do this because we respect the fundamental principles of this chain: People, Interdependence and Results.

This is our Essence, that is, our BRF way of being. It inspires us to look to the future to do more and better, every day.

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