Public commitments

BRF is strictly committed to zero tolerance to animal mistreatment, whether through abuse or neglect. In the case of any wrongful conduct in this regard, investigation is initiated and, if any wrongdoing is proven, penalties are imposed.

Check out our document Commitments to Animal Welfare, updated in December 2019, and learn about our main guidelines.

Compromissos públicos

Public goals

Implementation of collective gestation crates for breeding sows in 100% of our breeding system by 2026

Our commitment is based on European Union legislation, Directive 120 of 2008 on the protection of pigs.

In the collective crate, the sows interact and are better able to express their natural behavior. Reducing confinement also avoids stress, and health and physiological problems caused by the little movement.

  • By 2015
    15% executed
  • Até 2016 to 2018
    29% executed

    In 2016, adjustments to the collective gestation system benefited 20,950 breeding sows, totaling, since 2015, 103,000 breeding sows in collective gestation crates, accounting for 20% of the BRF nursery beds.

    2016 was a tough year for the Brazilian economic scenario, which retracted funding sources for these activities, considering that BRF purchased nursery beds that were not in line with the system recommended by the company.

  • 2019
    35% executed

    We have met the goal for 2019 and have 35% of our stock of breeding sows in a group housing system for pregnant sows. This means more than 140,000 sows in suitable facilities, in line with the best animal welfare guidelines.

  • 2020
    40% goal

    Despite increasing our total number of sows in recent years and with the challenging scenario generated by COVID-19 in 2020, we are planning on moving forward in our commitment to animal welfare.

  • 2026
    100% goal


BRF has committed to refrain from buying eggs from suppliers that raise caged chickens, by 2025. We fulfilled this commitment 5 years earlier in our Brazilian operations, representing 55% of the volume of eggs used in BRF.

These eggs are used in our manufacturing processes for lasagna, pies and cheese buns.

In BRF, no poultry is raised in cages. This practice is used in the production of eggs to be marketed to consumers.