Our Processes

BRF breathes innovation! This is one of the characteristics present in our processes, in the work of our more than 100 thousand employees around the world and, especially, in the way we take our brands to your table. Listening to what the consumer has to say drives us to want to innovate more and stay focused to meet the needs identified through new products, more practical packaging, new research and technologies that bring more health, quality, flavor and more . After all, it’s about you that we think every day.

Innovation is also one of the strategic pillars that guide our production chain in all stages: feed manufacturing, animal husbandry, food production, formulation of revisions and innovations of our portfolio of brands, search for new technologies and thousands of products which reach the consumer’s table.

In the process of innovation, which begins in customer service and extends to our laboratories and factories, we ensure that each novelty is placed on the market only after all the important tests, which guarantee a safe product with quality and great flavor.


No wonder, we were recognized in various awards and rankings that take into account the innovative potential of enterprises and businesses, among them are:

place in the Food, Beverage and Ingredients segment, in the Valor Inovação Brasil Award, of the Jornal Valor Econômico.

place in the Future Vision segment, in the Época 360 ° Award, from Revista Época.

place in the segment Capacity to Innovate, in the Época 360º Award, of Revista Época.

from the South Region in the Campeãs de Inovação Award, from the Grupo Amanhã.

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