If you are in Brazil, you can get in touch with BRF’s SAC by telephone (0800 702 8800) or by e-mail. If you are outside Brazil, click here and fill out the form so we can contact you soon.

Accompany the opportunities on the LinkedIn BRF career page.

All our products follow the standards determined by Brazilian and international legislation. You can check the nutrition information on the labels of each BRF product.

No! Our birds are bred without hormones. Click on here and learn more about our animal welfare commitments.

We follow international standards and partner with the World Animal Protection (WAP) NGO to improve practices in the supply and production chain. Meet all our animal welfare commitments on here.

We have a portfolio with more than three thousand products around the world. If you are in Brazil and want to know more information on a specific product, please visit the brand pages or contact Customer Service.

SADIA: www.sadia.com.br
PERDIGÃO: www.perdigao.com.br
QUALY: www.qualy.com.br

Access the press area site to get the phones and sign up for BRF information first hand.

We have signed several sustainability pacts, invested to improve the infrastructure of our factories and developed some environmental management programs. Learn more by clicking here.

To know all the BRF actions focused on the environment, visit the Sustainability from our website.

All financial information, strategies and competitive advantages of the company can be found in our Investor Relations portal.

Our Innovation Center in Jundiaí is one of the largest centers of innovation in Brazil. You can learn more about it and our R & D investments on Innovation .

To include BRF in your business, please contact our Customer Service. We will direct your request to the Commercial team.

See the area About BRF to find details of the company’s history, mission, vision, values, as well as details about the company’s culture and our production chain.

If you are in Brazil, go to the website of one of our brands to see our recipes.
On the websites of each of our brands, there are special recipes for you:
Sadia | Recipes and Sadia Universe: http://www.sadia.com.br
Perdigão | Recipes: http://www.perdigao.com.br/receitas
Qualy | Recipes: http://qualy.com.br/receitas

If you are outside Brazil and want to get information about recipes, please contact the Customer Service Department by completing the form.

All BRF social actions are carried out by the BRF Institute, learn more by visiting the site https://institutobrf.com/en.

We think sports are very interesting, but at the moment we are not analyzing projects and / or sponsorships. This is a mode that is temporarily unavailable.

We are happy to hear that you like our products! Send your suggestion through our 0800 if you are in Brazil or Contact us in case you are in other country.