In Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates or Concord, in southern Brazil, we work to build an increasingly strong and successful company, with common values ​​and goals.

BRF’s most important value is people. As simple as that. The people who aspire to and perform the activities that drive BRF on its path of innovation, globalization, quality and sustainable management. This recognition has its origins in an internal culture that transcends walls, doors and hierarchies, which is the driving force that all employees transmit to and receive from one another.

That's the culture of Viva BRF, a set of initiatives, values and attributes that change everything: our connection to markets, the relations between managers and teams, the partnership between departments and even the motivation that drives us in our day-to-day activities. Engagement in this culture occurs transversally across the hierarchical structure and empowers each person: their expectations, their ideas and their positive inconformity that drives change throughout our company.

Viva BRF is a life philosophy, not a corporate one, in which we are the protagonists and responsible for expanding and transforming it in accordance with regional and cultural particularities. We believe in combining our differences to strengthen our relationships and ensure that everyone, from all units around the world, is working on the same page.

In 2015, our culture took an important step forward by organizing the first Viva BRF Week, with five days dedicated to fostering and strengthening the culture, bringing our employees, integrated producers and stakeholders up to date on the transformations that have already occurred and planning for the coming years.

BRF also aspires that its employees adopt an increasingly more active and spontaneous stance and focus on making things happen. And when people are at the center of this process, there's nothing more natural than valuing meritocracy. In other words, those who make the most effort and deliver the best results deserve to be rewarded. That’s how this innovative attitude of going beyond hierarchy, innovating and valuing its more than 105,000 employees, BRF plans to continue moving forward. With each person working in synchronization to strengthen the company and ensure its continued leadership in each of its markets.

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