BRF Institute

We nourish changes and encourage the development of the communities where we operate, so every individual can develop yourself the fullest

At BRF, we nourish our connections with families and communities that work with us to take strenght and willingness around the world. Our goal is to ensure quality structures for communities around our operations.

For this, through the BRF Institute, we have set up Local Development Committees at the production units, administrative headquarters and distribution centers in order to drive and guide all social investment actions in the cities where we operate, based on priorities and opportunities at the communities.

Actions and initiatives led by the BRF Institute can be found here.

The BRF Institute

Established in 2012, the Institute is committed to the corporate coordination of activities aimed at promoting local development, ensuring the shared management of the company's social investments and relations with communities. The institute also serves as an incubator for actions that contribute to systematic advances on regional issues involving corporate social responsibility. It is responsible for planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluation in partnership with the company and communities, as well as the budget allocated to those activities.

Local Development Committees

These Committees, made up of managers of units, headquarters and distribution centers, are responsible for identifying opportunities, assets and needs, planning and implementing initiatives in partnership with BRF Institute, partners and communities to improve quality of life, environmental balance and social justice at their locations, among other tasks. Today, more than 30 Committees are functioning in cities throughout Brazil.

A few results from 2014

- 320 employees managing projects at Local Development Committees

- R$ 3 million invested

- 232 social actions implanted

- More than 200,000 people benefitted 



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