Sustainable Grain Purchasing Policy

Based on the fundamental commitments of BRF, Integrity, Quality and Safety, BRF Sustainability Policy establishes the Company’s guidelines with regard to business commitments and principles focusing on the incorporation of environmental, social and sustainable practices for managing BRF's production chain.

The establishment of the Sustainable Grains Policy reinforces BRF's public commitment to guaranteeing 100% traceability of the grain purchased from the Amazon and the Cerrado until 2025.

Sustainable Grain Purchasing Policy

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Q&A traceability

A: No. BRF will guarantee the traceability of all grains (soybeans, corn and sorghum) acquired from the Amazon and Cerrado biomes until 2025, from direct and indirect suppliers. In addition, the company will ensure that its suppliers meet the guidelines defined in the BRF Sustainable Purchase Policy and other normative documents.

A: BRF has a Sustainable Grain Purchase Policy that addresses the Company's position in relation to deforestation.

A: The Amazon and Cerrado biomes are currently the ones with the greatest risks associated with deforestation for conversion to agricultural use. Thus, for the Amazon biome, BRF will not originate from areas that have been legally or illegally deforested (zero deforestation) as of July 2008. As for the Cerrado, the Company will not originate from illegally deforested areas. BRF aware of its role will continue working to achieve a more sustainable and deforestation-free chain.

A: As they are biomes with the greatest risks of deforestation, the Amazon and the Cerrado were defined as priorities for establishing the company's public commitment. However, suppliers from other biomes are also tracked and monitored in relation to the guidelines defined in the company's Sustainable Grain Purchase Policy (with the exception of specific criteria for the Amazon and the Cerrado).

A: Currently, the traceability of indirect suppliers is a challenge for the industry. BRF is carrying out benchmarking and engagement rounds with its indirect suppliers, to define the strategy to ensure traceability and compliance with the socio-environmental criteria of its indirect suppliers.

A: Progress in the traceability of grain suppliers in the Amazon and the Cerrado will be reported quarterly through the Quarterly Reports andalso in the Integrated Report every year until the target is reached.